The Republic of Tea


Welcome to The Republic of Tea, founded the 16th day of March, Nineteen-hundred and ninety-four − whose Charter declares its "purpose is to enrich people’s lives through the experience of fine tea and the Sip by Sip rather than Gulp by Gulp lifestyle – a life of health, balance and well-being." And whose Minister of Tea declares "At The Republic of Tea, you’ll find many ways to get to know tea anew, through a selection that will educate, inspire and communicate the quality, benefits, and lifestyle that is The Republic of Tea."

The Republic of Tea has a line of premium quality tea, with choices that are bound to suite everyone's tastes: Black, Oolong, Green, White, Herbal, Rooibos, Hibiscus, Decaf and Organic. We sampled several of the teas and they were wonderful: Almond Coconut Macaroon Tea (bags), Darjeeling (bags), Natural Hibiscus (loose tea), and British Breakfast (loose tea). Once you taste these teas, and you will taste the difference, you will be hooked. Calling all tea lovers – relax, sit back,sip, and become a "Citizen" (customer) of The Republic of Tea – it is a treat. Not all of the tea products are certified kosher, so look at the packaging; but there are enough choices that you will not feel deprived.

Product Description:

Some tea descriptions:

We encourage you to visit this unique website and read more About this company, including How to Brew Tea, The Health Benefits of Tea, and The Citizen's Tea Library. This is a definite Gift Yourself, Gift Others selection.

Please Note: According to most rabbinical sources, plain, unflavored tea is considered inherently kosher, but flavored tea requires certification. For details, read this article by Rabbi Boruch Beyer of the Star-K.

Prices vary according to the tea.
Available at gourmet retailers throughout the U.S. and online at

Watch this video on  British Black Tea – the perfect cuppa!