Lawhorn's Signature Seasonings

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We have rarely met a company so confident about their product that they told us that we would fall in love. When Lawhorn's tweeted us that this spice made almost everything taste even more delicious, we simply couldn't resist challenging the claim. After all, that's one of the missions of KosherEye -- seeking out the newest, best and most convenient products for the kosher kitchen.

First, however, we validated kashrut with our consulting Rabbi Reuven Stein of the AKC since the product simply bears a "K". Our findings: it was recommended. Rabbi Howard L. Seif of Hollywood, Florida supervises it as kosher, parve. Once the kashrut was approved, we began to shake, shake, shake. We were anxious to see if Lawhorn's original Signature Seasoning was as special and versatile as its spokesmen declared. It was! (Do read our full feature (LINK)
Consumers agreed, and now Lawhorn's has developed 3 new spice flavors.

And the new low sodium blends are:
• Italian for sauces, pastas, meatballs, veal, chicken, salads, garlic bread and breadcrumbs
• Hickory Smoke for a "wood grilled" flavor indoors and out-- ribs, chicken, brisket, steaks, prime rib and more
• Tex-Mex for a taste of old Mexico. Try on tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, enchiladas, Mexican rice, chili, salsa and even tortilla chips

KosherEye developed a special recipe for guacamole using Lawhorn's Tex-Mex seasoning. Enjoy!

Lawhorn's is available in supermarkets such as Publix, Winn Dixie Wal-Mart, and Kroger.
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