Locally Grown Kosher Certified Lettuce


Washing and checking lettuce-FEH! It is a necessary, but time consuming and sometimes less than pleasant.

Therefore... our delight when we discovered PodPonics. What a convenience for the kosher shopper and, for that matter, for anyone who wants clean, locally grown, ready to eat lettuce.

PodPonics utilizes a proprietary system that integrates advanced hydroponics, proprietary lighting, irrigation and nutrient technology with process control. Their growing system eliminates pesticides, reduces cost, and improves product quality. The benefits of the approach include providing a healthy, natural product grown in a controlled environment at or near the point of consumption.

The line is packaged in a 5-ounce clamshell container, and currently available in two mix varieties: Green Mix with green romaine and green lollo, and Encore Mix with green romaine, green lollo and red lollo. 10-ounce packages of each variety are also available. Consumers can expect to see additional Lettuce Buy Local mixes debut throughout 2014.

PodPonics is
• Georgia Grown,
• Pesticide free,
• Washed, ready to eat, OU kosher certified
• Package in clamshell, found in produce department

For more information, or to inquire when this lettuce will be available in your area, visit PodPonics.com by clicking the PodPonics logo: Podponocs_logo
Podponic lettuce is is currently available at stores including select Whole Foods, Fresh Market and Kroger


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