Wickles Pickles

Mention "pickles" and everyone has an opinion on their favorite type. There are dill, kosher dill, sour, half-sour, sweet, bread and butter...and there are Wickles Pickles!
The pickle itself has a long and interesting history. Did you know that the Ancient Mesopotamians were thought to have made the first pickle in 2400 B.C....and Cleopatra claimed pickles made her beautiful? We have to thank Christopher Columbus for bringing the pickle to the New World. An interesting pickle fact: The Department of Agriculture estimates that the average American eats more than 8.5 pounds of pickles a year. We highly recommend Wickles Pickles be part of your 8.5 pounds!

Wickles has introduced two new products recently- and they are hot!



Wickles Wicked Pickle Chips
Sandwich and snack chips
Delicious for those who love a little bite in their pickles
Wickles describes: A little bit sweet and a little bit spicy—fresh chips to go with everything nicely



Wickles Wicked Jalapeño Slices
Taco night on another level
Love this gently spiced up a notch jalapeno pepper/pickle mix

Wickles products:
• Gluten-Free
• OU Kosher
• No high fructose corn syrup

Try these Wickles inspired recipes:
Jalapeño Cornbread
Tuna salad
Chicken salad

Potato salad

Want to know more about Wickles - read our spotlight article on Wickles Pickles. We've been Wickles fans for years!

The Wickles line of products is carried in grocery stores across the U.S. and here: Wickles Pickles


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