Nomoo Cookies

Take the Dairy Out; Leave the Delicious In

We at KosherEye often make our own cookies – particularly when we need parve (dairy free) cookies. Yes, there are some excellent dairy cookies available at the supermarket, but parve is another story. And then came Nomoo-dairy free.

This is a new brand, headquartered in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and OU certified. When the cookies arrived at our door, we did not know what to expect, and were wowed by the beautiful box and wrap. We checked the ingredients and were pleasantly surprised with the lack of additives – no preservatives, chemicals, transfats or artificial flavors or colors. Best of all Nomoo seems to use many of the same ingredients that we do – including King Arthur Flour and Earth Balance margarine. Impressive! And, yes we found them quite delicious. Our favorites: Oat-Rageous, Choco-Lift and of course, The Big Chipper. We ate most of them, and then, were able to freeze the rest. Works perfectly!

This is a sweet gift for your Yom Tov host or just to treat yourself. At the Nomoo website you will find a variety cookie combinations at $19.95 a dozen, plus shipping. If you really want to have some cookie fun, you can join the monthly, quarterly or yearly Nomoo cookie club.


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