Birch Benders Pancakery


Birch Benders Micro-Pancakery®, is the world’s first natural and organic, just-add-water, gourmet pancake & waffle mix.

From the company: “We believe that some of the best moments in life are spent around the table with the ones you love. In these crazy, dizzy, over-scheduled days, we want to bring people back together. Our goal at Birch Benders is to make the world a more beautiful and delicious place, one pancake at a time.”

KosherEye thinks that Birch Benders is simply a luscious choice, especially for the hurried family.  A healthy breakfast, snack, or dessert can be whipped up in a flash; even the kids can help. The recipe is easy and quick: add water to the pancake mix, stir, pour into the pre-heated fry pan, and the pancakes are ready. We tried them plain, and alternatively topped them with berries, pecans and a bit of whipped cream. We enjoyed every bite.

Birch Benders products are available at supermarkets or can be ordered online.

Two of our favorite Birch Benders varieties are Classic and Six Grain Cinnamon. Both offer taste, quality and convenience. Scoop the desired amount of mix into a bowl, add water, combine with a fork, and put into the fry pan or waffle maker. Guests will never know that these are not from scratch. Delicious! By the way, the child tasters loved the chocolate chip variety!

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Tastes like a homemade, from scratch pancake
Certified organic by CCOF (Made With Organic)
Certified kosher dairy - OU-D
Low Fat
0g Trans Fat
Nut Free & Soy Free



Six-Grain Cinnamon

Made with six natural and organic grains, a hint of buttermilk and texture, and a medley of “secret” spices. Simply irresistible topped with maple syrup or honey.

Certified organic by CCOF (“Made With Organic”)
Certified kosher dairy - OU-D
Low Fat, Low Saturated Fat, Cholesterol Free & 0g Trans Fat


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