Ezuz Olive Oil

            The Olive Tree USA

How delighted we were to discover Ezuz Olive oil from Israel – Not just because of its origin (Yes, we tend to support Israeli products), but even more so because of taste, and how it is grown.  Ezuz Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed, delicate and mild -- lovely when a fine olive oil is warranted. It is delicious for dipping, in salad dressings and as a topping for vegetables and breads. The olives for this exceptional oil are only harvested in the fall, in small, limited quantities.

Two women – a native New Yorker and a native Israeli own the Olive Tree USA. The company has partnered with several small, boutique Israeli olive oil producers to introduce very special and high quality products. Olivetree_ezuz_oil_crThe Organic Olive Plantation in Ezuz was planted by one of the founders of the Ezuz community, on the ruins of an ancient agriculture farm.

The cultivation and care of the trees, the manual olive harvest, and the quick delivery of the olives to the press all help to produce an exquisite oil. The trees are cultivated without the use of fertilizers or insecticides and special care is taken to maintain the equilibrium in the ecological environment.

In addition, the unique desert conditions of the Negev enable the olive trees to produce olives that have been scientifically tested to contain high levels of anti-oxidants and Vitamin E--all benefits for the body.

• Grown without insecticide and fertilizer
• Low in acidity
• Manually harvested
• Quick delivery of olives to the press
• Kosher Lemehadrin and Kosher for Passover
• Available in 16.9 oz. bottles at $25

For information or to order visit: theolivetreeusa.com
Twitter:theolivetreeusa Facebook.com/theolivetreeusa


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