Fleishmann's Homemade Baking Mixes


 Fleishmann's Simply Homemade Baking Mixes

One day recently when walking the food aisles of Wal-Mart we spotted a new Fleishmann's box on the baking aisle - and the box had a big OU right on the front. What a delicious find this turned out to be. We had discovered Fleishmann's new parve and kosher baking mixes.
We found 3 varieties Cornbread, Pretzel Creations and Country White.


Of course, those of you who know that we live in Atlanta can understand which we chose for our first test pick! Yes, we chose the cornbread - our favorite of course – maybe because we live in the south, or maybe because we love corn. Our results; to our delight, this was as good as homemade from scratch, but much faster. We followed the basic recipe directions. It took 10 minutes and one bowl to mix the batter by hand, and 30 minutes to bake. Delicious!

The cornbread mix is:

  • OU Kosher, parve
  • Dairy Free, Trans–fat free
  • 10 servings per box (box says 16- but not in our house!)
  • Made with real corn

On our 2nd try, we proceeded with some of the add-ins suggested on the box – we added canned corn and jalapeños (directions on the label). Results, even more scrumptious with this extra touch, and layers of spicy flavor.

And next - we are intrigued by a video recipe (see below) - combining Simply Homemade Cornbread Mix with diced apricots and mascarpone cheese. Of course, we love sweet and plan to top this with a dollop of honey or blueberry preserves. Results forthcoming.




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