Farro from Pereg Gourmet

Pereg Farro 300w

Pereg Gourmet, a family business established in 1906, offers a wide array of convenient products such as seasonings, spices and flavored bread crumbs, rice and couscous ancient grains and quinoa products. The company produces over 60 varieties of spice blends and herbs, free of additives and preservatives. Pereg products are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union (OU).

We had never tried Farro – so we were delighted with the opportunity to taste Pereg Gourmet Farro with Garden Vegetables. It is a convenient mix…ready to prepare on the stovetop. We simply added water and let it “cook” for about 20 minutes to reach the “al dente” stage. The mix is pre-seasoned. What a filling and delicious side dish. We enjoyed it warm, but it was also good at room temperature. Farro is one of those ancient grains that is just coming to the culinary forefront- - not too far behind quinoa. It is a good substitute and change-up for rice and pasta…and a nutritious source of fiber, protein and iron.
Pereg offers Farro plain, and in 3 additional “just add water flavors…. We are looking forward to trying the mushroom and rosemary blend.

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More about Farro:
Farro is a food composed of the grains of wheat species. It is sold dried and is prepared by cooking in water until soft, but still crunchy (many recommend that prior to cooking, whole grain farro should be soaked overnight). There are actually several types of farro – which require different cooking times. It may be eaten plain, and it is savored as an ingredient in dishes such as salads and soups. Farro has been found in the tombs of Egyptian kings and is said to have fed the Roman Legions. Italians have dined on farro for centuries. Now, with the revival of interest in whole grains, farro's popularity is gaining in the U.S. as well.


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