Let’s Go Passover Shopping - Part 1

Kayco is the new kosher brand which resulted from the merger of Kedem Foods, Kenover Marketing and B&W Foods. The new combined brand has created new and additional products assortment for it's  customers. The Kayco company portfolio has too many products to list here, but we can just about guarantee that almost every Jewish home in America and likely around the world will have some Kayco products in their Passover pantry!

We are sharing some of our favorites (yes we’ve already tried some of these) along with some Passover recipes:

Alprose Dark choc MobileAlprose deluxe dark choc praline MobileGefen roasted chestnuts Mobile

      • Alprose Chocolates
      • Dorot frozen seasoning cubes
      • Gefen wide noodles
      • Gefen cake and frosting mixes
      • Gefen canned mango slices, cranberry sauce, mandarin oranges, pineapple
      • Gefen cashew butter
      • Gefen chocolate bark
      • Gefen frozen sauteed onions
      • Gefen Instant potato flakes
      • Gefen chocolates
      • Gluten free crackers and matzos
      • Haddar Premium Dutch Cocoa Powder
      • Haddar sweet potato chips
      • Jane’s Krazy Mixed up seasoning
      • Jeff Nathan Gluten Free Panko Crumbs
      • Roasted peeled chestnuts
      • The Chosen Bean gourmet coffee
      • Vacuum packed organic beets

        Gefen instan mashed pot 180WJeff Nathan Glut free panko flakes 180W


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