Hoboken Farms Big Tomato Sauce

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What can we say about a jarred sauce that tastes as good as our homemade version? Only that we were surprised and delighted! Hoboken Farms is kosher certified by the Kof-k and currently available in 3 flavors – Big Red Marinara, Big Boss Vodka and Big Basil Tomato Basil.

HF ingredients MobileOur first hint that the sauce was exceptional was when we checked the ingredients. In our mind, less is better. And, we like to see ingredients that reflect real food, not chemicals or additives. The ingredients listed on the label of Big Marinara (our favorite) are Whole Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Fresh onion, basil, garlic and spices. That’s it!
No preservative; no additives, all natural. Yumm.

From CEO and founder Brad Finkel: My grandmother made a really good sauce,” “but mine is much better.” The secret to Finkel’s successful sauce? Really great tomatoes. “We look for sugar content and acidity balance,” he says, “That makes it taste great.” He uses New Jersey tomatoes when they’re in season and California tomatoes when Jerseys aren’t. Finkel explains that his Big Red Marinara occasionally is unavailable when he’s had to send tomatoes back that don’t meet his standards, saying, “We work so hard to build our reputation, we’re not going to ruin it with half-ass tomatoes.”…

Big Red Marinara is sold at Whole Foods Market, Bed Bath and Beyond, and independent retail shops across the U.S. The sauce was named Best Marinara Sauce in the country by the Wall Street Journal In 2011, The mission of Hoboken Farms is to delight the customer and serve its employees and community. They absolutely did delight this kosher foodie!
For more information, visit Hobokenfarms.com.

Enjoy this recipe for Cauliflower Parmesan from Brad Finkel, CEO and founder of Hoboken Farms.


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