Goodie Girl Cookies

mintslims MobileThe “Snack Artist” for Goodie Girl cookies is founder Shira Berk. In 2010, k, She was known by friends as a talented, but untrained baker, and spent much time running the café inside her children’s preschool. A fellow parent challenged her to create a good tasting gluten free cookie. And, wow, has she succeeded. In her words, she has created insanely delicious good for you goodies.”junk food without the junk!”;

The former New York City-based punk rock music-marketing exec created a fun and delicious gluten-free cookie line, certified OU-D kosher. Berk, who lost 80 lbs. nearly 10 years ago, (and has maintained an ideal weight every since) says her favorite flavor is the original gluten-free Quinoa Chocolate Chunk. Their slogan –“Goodness never tasted so wrong”. The cookies are low in calories and made with wholesome ingredients. The entire line is gluten-free.
Our favorite flavors of those we have tasted so far…Definitely the oatmeal raisin cookie for breakfast with our coffee of course, and the chocolate dipped mint slims, a yummy dessert – with only 40 calories per cookie. No these are not health foods, but almost.

goodie girl Mobile
Other flavors we will be adding to our future tastings: toffee chaos, midnight brownie, vanilla slims and cocoa slims.

Follow @goodiegirlnyc on Twitter, or visit their website The cookies are available nationwide at supermarkets such as Shoprite, Fairway, Walmart, Fresh Market and on


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