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KosherEye has recently sampled several new honey varieties from Savannah Bee Company. These are quite unique and perfect for gifting others or treating yourself as we approach the New Year. This honey will certainly make it sweeter!

First a brief word about honey from Savannah Bee:
“Honey is like a fine wine that is created from flowers instead of grapes. The term "varietal honey" refers to the honey gathered from a single type of blossom. Each type of nectar has its own flavor and sugar composition depending on the flower that produces it, therefore the honey reflects the unique taste of the bloom. Savannah Bee Company is the leader in honey purity standards.”

Lavender honey Savannah bee


Lavender Honey is among the most prized varietals of honey. The wild lavender honey is sourced from remote mountains in Southern Spain, and harvested in late spring and early summer. This premium honey has a faint, floral aroma, and a subtle, delicate fruity finish. Its light slightly purple color provides a gentle flavor, and it is lovely in mild tea and as a sugar substitute in baking.

Rosemary honey Savannah Bee




Savannah Bee Rosemary Honey is one of their most intricate and complex honey varieties. With origins in Spain, its fresh, woodsy aroma gives way to a delicately soft sweetness. This rosemary honey is produced in a remote natural setting and is a product of wild growing Rosemary plants.  Pair this premium honey with robust dishes like chicken, and lamb for a noticeably herbal flavor and distinct sweetness.


orange blossom honeycomb savannah beeDrumroll please: Orange Blossom Honeycomb
Orange Blossom honeycomb is a rare treat available only once every four or five years. Orange Blossom honeycomb is only harvested when the Orange Blossom honey crop is abundant, like this year. During low-yield years, all Orange Blossom honey is extracted from the comb and sold in its liquid form. 2016, however, was a great year for Orange Blossom honey and the honeycomb is currently available.

All of the Savannah Bee Honeys are 100% pure and KSA certified.

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