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“An herb garden in your freezer”

As summer wanes and fall approaches, those fresh garden herbs we love sadly disappear. Yes, we’ve likely frozen some, but never enough to last through the long, cold winter. That’s just the reason we are now devoted fans of Darégal, OU kosher certified fresh frozen herbs

Darégal has been at the forefront of herbs in France since 1887. Five generations and more than 120 years later, the Darbonne family is still proud to own and operate Darégal. and has recently introduced an innovation for the home or professional cook. Their ready-to-use frozen chopped herbs can go directly from the freezer into any soup, sauce, salad, or spread, no thawing necessary. Simply remove the container from the freezer, give a little shake to loosen the chopped herbs, and sprinkle out the desired amount.
KosherEye has used and still uses other brands of frozen herbs, and they are certainly very helpful. The difference is that these herbs are pure—no slat, oils or additives.
They are washed, chopped, and packaged in easy to use shake and store containers, and have a long shelf life.
Kosher certified varieties include Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, Garlic

  •  Processed hours after harvest to preserve flavor and nutrients
  •  Washed, chopped and ready to use
  •  No salt, oil or preservatives
  •  OU kosher certified

For more information about Darégal, visit Darégalgourmet.com or Facebook.com/Darégalherbs, The product is available at supermarkets across the U.S,
or on Amazon at: Darégal spices


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