Wild Hibiscus Flower Company

Wild Hibiscus Flower Company
Eat… Drink… Be Wild

wild hibiscus2 MobileWhat a sweet product! All natural and deliciously edible, Wild Hibiscus presents beautiful hibiscus flowers jarred in a cane sugar syrup. Flowers are hand packed into jars to preserve quality, shape, natural color and flavor. The flowers are cooked in the jar and and vacuum sealed - which gives them a long shelf life. Both the flower and infused syrup are delicious. We use them in cocktails, as a garnish for spirited drinks and in our iced tea. For the holidays, we plan to add a flower and some syrup to our fruit salad. Wild Hibiscus products, including their lovely floral extracts are kosher certified by Kosher Australia.

  •  100% Natural
  •  Made from Real Flowers
  •  Alcohol free
  •  Heat Stable in cooking
  •  3 year shelf life (refrigerate once opened)
  •  Handmade in Small Batches
  •  Premium Quality

Visit Wild Hibiscus at wildhibiscus.com; on Twitter @wildhibiscusco

Try our recipe for New Year Sparklers
1 bottle sparkling white wine or prosecco, chilled well
1 sliced orange
1 Wild Hibiscus flower per glass
Simply pour into champagne glass and serve.


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