Trader Joe's Pizza Crust

Trader Joes Pizza crust  Not only do we like this Trader Joe's crust for the authentic taste, but we think that the rectangular shape is fun to work with, and simple to slice.
  It is a light and tasty base for those who want a ready-to-top pizza crust.
  The ingredients include unbleached enriched flour made from 
  wheat & malted barley and then refined to what the Italian pizzaiolos call ‘00’ flour. 

  TJ’s explains: This ultra-refined flour has a powdery-soft consistency that helps create
  a light, crisp-tender to the bite- exterior.
  The addition of olive oil and the use of a natural fermentation process make this a 'pizza lover’s" crust.
  We agree that this crust is delicious!

  Note: When using the crust, brush both sides with olive oil, and then add your favorite sauce and toppings - cheese, veggies (or meat.).
  Heat for about 12 minutes in a very hot oven (425) or on a grill. 
  Each 15-ounce package containing two Trader Joe’s Pizza Crusts and sells for about $3.49.
  The crusts are certified OU kosher parve.


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