Tate's Bake Shop Cookies

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We have "coveted" the idea of Tate's cookies since Oprah chose them as "one of her favorite things" twice.  And, now most varieties of Tate's cookies are kosher certified OU-D, including the world famous crisp, buttery chocolate chips. It all started when Kathleen King, founder of Tate's Bake Shop, began baking when she was just eleven years old, selling small batches of her crisp, buttery chocolate chip cookies off of a fold-out card table on on her parents' Long Island farmstead.
In 1980, when she was only 21, Kathleen opened her first bake shop. Tate’s Bake Shop has been Voted the Best Bakery in the Hamptons year over year and is a destination for locals and tourists with lines that stretch out the door,. Tate's Bake Shop is, as the New York Times noted, "worth putting miles on the odometer."

Tate's is now available in most supermarkets and online at Target stores.


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