647, actually good low-carb bread.

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Written by Yaakov Galen, Editor-in-chief


Bread is the staple piece of so many dishes and cuisines. For someone who eats lower-carb foods during the week, I struggled to stay away from bread and to find alternative dishes that gave me the same enjoyment that I would from bread. Even toast in the morning with breakfast was off-limits and that was very frustrating! There were all kinds of alternatives for bread such as almond flour bread, which often tasted grainy and gross, or various other try-hard fail-hard ideas that were not doing it for me. 

I finally stumbled across 647 bread. I am not sure what their secret sauce is, but this stuff is actual bread without the carbs. The ingredients mainly consist of modified wheat starch and some flour but I am not sure how they pulled this one-off without the carbs. One slice of bread comes out to 13 grams of carbs and 7 grams of fiber which equals 6 grams of net carbs. This was a game-changer for me. I was able to have my toast and make sandwiches of all kinds, especially my favorite bread-based dish, grilled cheese. One thing that still ate me up was the inability to find hamburger and hotdog buns that were low-carb. Recently in Wegmans, I stumbled across 647 buns! This company really has it all. Their bread comes in a few varieties such as white bread, Italian style, whole wheat, multi-grain, and of course hotdog and hamburger buns.

The Shmidt 647 bread is marketed as good for diabetics and low-carb eaters looking to keep their carb consumption at a minimum. You can find this bread online and in local supermarkets. Make sure to call up before going out to buy in your local grocery stores, some stores do not carry this bread yet.

The best part of this all, 647 bread is certified Kosher! (Chaf K)


Click here to buy: 647 Bread (Amazon)


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