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Kosher Keto Snack Find

By Yaakov Galen, Editor-in-chief


One of the hardest habits to kick when eating a low sugar (carb) diet is snacking. When I started eating low-carb during the week, I could not find any low-carb snacks in my local grocery stores or online. As the Keto diet picked up popularity, I began seeing Keto snacks, however, they were NEVER KOSHER! It was so frustrating to see an exciting keto snack only to find out that it was not kosher. 

I was recently in Wegmans and a bright yellow cookie dough packaging caught my eye. I looked closer and to my surprise it was low-carb, and yes you guessed it, it was kosher as well. I have found that most kosher keto snacks are mediocre at best and often times sweetened with erythritol which can hurt one's stomach. This Enlightened Keto Cookie Dough is actually delicious, I would recommend it to keto and non-keto eaters. Just remember to keep them in the freezer because once they warm up they fall apart. 

You can purchase them here on amazon: Enlightened Keto Cookie Dough


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