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Each week we read books on Facetime to our out-of-town grandchildren. We search for books that offer quality, humor and vibrant illustrations; books that entertain and inform. The following two selections accomplish our goals. And, both were written or co-authored by KosherEye friend, the multi-talented Ann Koffsky.

Book Avi for President

Avi For President
Written and Illustrated by Ann D. Koffsky, Menucha Publishers
This book is so much fun, and teaches a lesson in leadership, sportsmanship and politics. Avi and Yoni are the two candidates vying to be president of their class. Complete with homemade campaign posters, signs, frosted cupcakes, cookies and "staff", both try to run a sweet campaign. But who wins? Your 4-8 year old child will love this book. The illustrations make it come to life and yes, it is a Facetime or anytime winner.

Sarah Builds a School - The Life of Sarah Schenirer
Ann Koffsky and Leslie Ginsbarg Klein, illustrator Dena Ackerman
Menucha Publishers

Sarah Schenirer grew up in Krakow, Poland. In Krakow, boys could attend Jewish schools but, there were no Jewish schools for girls. Sarah read, listened and learned all by herself, but she had a dream to make Jewish education available to girls. Her family journey takes her from Krakow to Vienna where she became a seamstress. However, after consulting with the legendary Belzer Rebbe and gaining his approval, Sarah once again pursued her dream and converted her Vienna sewing room to a classroom. Teaching Torah to girls was a success, and what a success! Her tiny classroom expanded to eventually attract teachers and students from all over the world resulting in 250 schools and educating over 35,000 girls. Sara Schenirer, who passed away in 1935, was the founder of the Bais Yaakov movement. Her love of Jewish learning and her determination to share it with women was unwavering. This book will help young readers understand that pursuing a dream may be challenging, but worthwhile, and how one person can change the world. It is an inspirational story, one that we recommend as part of any juvenile home library or for that matter public library.

Ann D. Koffsky is an editor at Behrman House Publishers. She is also the author and illustrator of more than thirty books. Ann’s writing and art have also been featured in The Washington Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Jewish Action Magazine, Mishpacha and and Hadassah Magazines. Visit Ann's website:

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