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The Kosher Kitchen – A Practical Guide
by Rabbi Binyamin Forst (Artscroll Mesorah)

Kosher Kitchen Book cover


An Important Book for the Kosher Home

We have recently added the book “The Kosher Kitchen- A Practical Guide” (Artscroll-Mesorah). to our culinary library. The author is Rabbi Binyomin Forst, and no, this is not a cookbook. It is a well-written, well-indexed easy-to-understand guide - answering questions, sharing details and explaining guidelines about maintaining a kosher kitchen.

Most people find that as they learn the intricacies of keeping kosher, it becomes much simpler and less intimidating to maintain the lifestyle. The book is an organized reference for a newly kosher or longtime kosher cook. As we all know, there is always something new to learn. We particularly like the sections sharing practical applications of the kosher laws.

The guide covers kitchen dilemmas such as what to do with a dairy utensil found in a meat dishwasher; which vegetables are considered “sharp” and cannot be interchanged between dairy and meat meals; why bread prepared in a meat oven cannot be eaten with a dairy meal; and discusses the handling and serving of food made on dairy or meat equipment.


Some of the practical issues covered:

  • A utensil-by-utensil overview of the kitchen
  • The special status of parve foods
  • Common kashrus problems - recognizing, avoiding, and dealing with them
  • Microwaves, ovens and dishwashers
  • Non-Jewish housekeepers and cleaning help
  • Do you need separate can openers?
  • How to check an egg for blood spots?
  • Can you swallow a non-kosher pill?
  • When cold kosher meat touches cold non-kosher meat, does the food need to be discarded?
  • Which foods are considered sharp foods, and how should they be handled?
  • What to do if cold milk was poured into a meat cup?
  • Or if ice cream was eaten with a meat spoon?
  • A comprehensive ´tevilah' chart showing which utensils need immersion

This makes a perfect shower gift for a bridal couple planning a kosher home, and a must-have addition to any kosher home. 

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