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Eat your Books  is a website that allows you to easily create a single, searchable index of all the recipes in your personal collection of cookbooks, magazines, and clippings. Simply select the names of the books you own on EYB (they’ve indexed thousands of cookbooks) or upload the recipes you’ve written or collected. Eat Your Books provides a creative solution for managing, browsing, organizing and uncovering recipes. The site also offers cookbook and recipe forums; cookbook reviews, cookbooks news , giveaways and more! There are also links to almost 300,000 online recipes. We are so pleased that they have recently added a category for kosher cookbooks as well.  Here's how it works... select the names of your cookbooks from their easily accessible database. Click "add to my library", and voila! you have a permanent record of your cookbooks, and all of the recipes available within them. 

So, for example, perhaps you want to make flourless chocolate cake. Simply enter these words in the Eat Your Books library search bar, and you will see a list of the books you own which have a version of this recipe, including page numbers . They do not reproduce the actual recipes or text on the site, but instead offer a mirrored, searchable virtual library of your cookbook collection. Just find the cookbook, turn to the page and start cooking or baking. We're currently talking about 1.5 million recipes. We find this a very valuable site, and encourage our readers to check it out. 

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