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How To Make a Shlissel Challah

The Shabbos after Passover has thetradition of a special challah – the Shlissel Challah– "key in the challah". Renee Chernin, of The Kosher Channel.com, makesthis unique challah. Renee is the author of Cooking for the King - a book filled with "Torah insights, recipes and practical tips to bring...

Freezing Herbs in Ice Cube Trays

Try this with basil, tarragon, parsley, thyme, and sage for fresh garden herbs year round. After freezing the herbs in the olive oil, simply pop out and place in plastic freezer bags. Use these herb cubes as recipe starters.

Grilling Vegetables - Tricks and Tips

Grilling fresh vegetables is a summer must!Please note: olive oil can be substituted for butter.

No Bake Easy Cheese Cake

Even the most time-deprived, busy, wannabe baker can make this Cheese Cake. Actually, it is a Cheese Cake pie. So easy, and so luscious! Follow this recipe.

Israeli Salad

Celebrate the 65th birthday of the State of Israel by making this fresh Israeli Salad.

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