Pat’s Restaurant

A Pico Kosher Classic!

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What is Pat’s?  Oh no, had we wandered into an Irish Pub?  Absolutely not! Co-founder/owner Errol Fine explained that this longstanding kosher Los Angeles eating destination is named after his co-founder and partner, his wife Pat!

Pat’s is a classic on Pico. Obviously popular, on the night we were there (Wednesday) it was full and busy.

Co-owner Pat is a former pharmacist turned  foodie - she develops the menus and recipes for their restaurant and catering company. Errol Fine, Pat’s husband and a former CPA, explained the company’s history. It all started about 20 years ago when Pat decided to cater small parties for friends as a takeout business. But, the little takeout catering business grew, and the pair purchased Baci, a former non-kosher northern Italian restaurant; they kashered it and began serving kosher food. Pat’s is open for lunch and dinner.  In addition to operating one of the most popular restaurants in the Pico area, Pat and Errol’s company caters parties all over the LA area from a separate kitchen based in a synagogue.

When asked how to be successful when opening a kosher restaurant, Errol jokingly said “DON’T”!  On a more serious note, however, he did offer the following advice-and KosherEye agrees with every word. Take heed all “wanna-be” kosher restaurateurs:

• Location, Location, Location 
• Hard work, responsibility, attention to detail
• Give the customers what they want in the style they want
• Know your market
• Skill + Mazel

Errol knows that he is achieving his goals by the number of repeat customers night after night at this upscale northern Italian steak house.

veal chopNow, to the food and it was luscious and memorable:
• Succulent veal chop - huge, tender, delicious.

• Rib Steak- perfectly done, medium rare, served with two sauces, including a creamy béarnaise. 

Both entrees were served with roasted potatoes and broccoli.

And then the “must have” house specialty dessert – we were pre-warned so we saved space. The chocolate bread pudding; a rich deep chocolate soufflé, served hot. Some call it Babka on “steroids”. We called it irresistible!

Next visit, we plan to taste another house specialty – the pasta!

By the way, along with our fabulous dining experience, we enjoyed  a glass of our new favorite wine in all the world –  Alexander Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon! You simply must try this wine!

If you go, and you should, say hello to David, the restaurant’s gracious, knowledgeable and friendly manager. We know where he learned his smiling hospitality southern exposure - he used to live in Marietta, Georgia!

Pat’s Restaurant  9233 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035, 310 205-8705 
Kosher Certified by OK   
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