Chef Shaya Klechevsky

Healthy, Kosher, Gourmet!

KosherEye is delighted to feature Chef Shaya Klechevsky, chef-owner of Brooklyn based At your Palate LLC, a gourmet, kosher personal chef and catering service. In addition, Chef Shaya has been featured on the Food Network show Chopped. For cooking advice and recipes, visit his website or follow him on twitter.

Chef Shaya, age 28, grew up in New York surrounded by a family from diverse cultural roots; his mother is from Egypt, and his father from Poland. He spent hours in the kitchen alongside his mother who prepared bountiful, but classic Sabbath evening meals accompanied by traditional Middle-Eastern  and Polish side dishes.

After attending Brooklyn College and earning a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Health and Nutrition Sciences, Shaya changed his career path, and decided to pursue his passion… cooking!  He enrolled in the French Culinary Institute at the International Center for Culinary Arts in New York City.

At the FCI, his culinary training included instruction on advanced cooking techniques along with learning the “secrets” to French cooking. He combined this classical culinary education with his rich culinary heritage resulting in menus featuring gourmet, nutritious and healthful kosher food.

Chef Shaya has been described as “a combination gourmet chef/food nerd...interested in the science of cooking! He loves to spout wisdom about the chemical makeup of spinach almost as much as he loves to sauté, chiffonade and butterfly.”

In our quest to find delicious ways to prepare Turkey Chops, KosherEye “challenged” Chef Shaya to develop a  new healthful, luscious and unique recipe. We know that you will enjoy his creation as much as we did! Bon Appétit!

Pan Seared Turkey Chop with Coconut-White Pan Sauce, Mango Chutney and Sage-Sweet Potato Mash

Read excerpts from our interview with the talented Chef Shaya Klechevsky.


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