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Three Wine Clubs from Hagafen Cellars

What a lovely gift yourself or gift others suggestion- Join, Gift, Share, Enjoy!

All Wine Clubs include:
Shipments of 2-4 bottles 3-4 times yearly
Special discounts, recipes and winery news
Access to limited releases and special winery events
Complimentary tastings when visiting the winery
First access to new releases and tasting room only wines

Club R.S, (residual sugar)
For those who enjoy a little sweetness in their wines
Each shipment costs $40 - $70

Club Hagafen Each
Each shipment costs $60 - $80

Club Prix... The Premier Club
Each shipment costs $130 - $180

About Hagafen Cellars:

 Hagafen Cellars is located in the Napa Valley, in the heart of California's premier wine grape region. Owned and operated by Irit and Ernie Weir, the winery was founded in 1979, and the first commercially released vintage was harvested in 1980. In the ensuing years, they have grown from a small partnership producing wine with grapes from Winery Lake Vineyard, then owned by Rene DiRosa, to a well-established wine company whose wines are distributed throughout North America and overseas. Since 1980 Hagafen wines have been served on numerous occasions at the White House to visiting foreign dignitaries

Ernie's daily involvement in the two sides of wine production, grape growing and winemaking, ensures the superb quality of our wines. "Fine wine starts in the vineyard with careful vineyard management," says Weir. "I strive to take maximum advantage of the Napa Valley's natural geology and climate to produce the best wine varietals. I interfere as little as possible with the soil, creating a balance that minimizes the chemical and erosion impact by using modern farming techniques while maintaining the age-old wisdom of balance and the traditional values of conservation and land stewardship. Once harvest is completed, I undertake the second part of my job, winemaking. This presents an interesting challenge every time since each year the growing season and harvest are unique and different. I never seek to change what Nature has provided. My goal is to showcase the best that our land has produced."

Ernie invites KosherEye readers to We look forward to meeting you here in Napa at our winery and tasting room on the Silverado Trail. Family, Tradition, Excellence: Think Hagafen!


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